Ponte di Legno – Tonale  (Brescia)in the Vallecamonica

The hotel is in a strategic point for walks and excursions to discover the beauty of the surrounding mountains .

Walks and excursions in the hotel vicinity:



Linge - Lago Nero

fairly difficult

S. Apollonia – Linge – Lago Nero
difference in height 830 metres  fairly difficult
CAI trail sign no.58-2-57

A route from the Stelvio Park area which from S.Apollonia(1550 metres above sea-level) goes along up the green Valle delle Messi to Bivacco Linge(2289 metres above sea-level) at the foot of the imposing Punta di Pietra Rossa.You go on to arrive at the Lago Nero at the foot of Passo Gavia(2386 metres above sea-level).



fairly difficult

Pezzo – Pirli – Lago di Viso – Case di Viso – Pezzo
Time:4 hours Difference in height:400 metre Signpost:white-blue No.2

From Pezzo,a pleasant village near Ponte di Legno,you take the road leading to Case di Viso.Then you cross the “Bosco Sacro”which goes to the mountain huts “Pirli”(1711 metres above sea-level).The last uphill stretch takes you to the small lake of Viso and the nearby Stelvio Park.All along the way you are likely to catch sight of roe deers, chamois and deer.


'Grande Guerra' pathway

fairly difficult

Tonale – Dosso di Casamadre
difference in height 735 metres.
CAI trail sign n 45

Having passed the little church of the”frati” at Tonale(1800 metres above sea-level) take the track on the right marked by trail sign no.45,go around a few bends until you get to the tunnel.Take the path again which through remains of huts and tunnels,zigzags up the Dosso di Casamadre(2535 metres above sea-level).From the top there is a breathtaking 360° panorama